Citizens Guide to Environmental Investigation and Private Prosecution


The Citizens Guide to Environmental Investigation and Private Prosecution, written by Thomas Adams, Myriam Beaulne, and Mark Mattson, was first published in 2000.

The first edition was edited by Amy Buskirk, copy edited by Marcia Ryan, designed by Jennifer Strate, and had a cover designed by Cy Williams. David Boyd, John Werring, Doug Chapman, Elizabeth Christie, Janet Fletcher, David Kerr, John Lee, and Neil Rickey provided valuable input during the Guide’s development.

In the intervening years, Laura Zizzo, Daniella Wald, Nandi Mbazima, Lisa Peryman, Elizabeth Brubaker, Robin Reym, and Alison Mintoff have helped update the Guide. Robin Reym also posted the Guide on EBI’s new web site, which she created.

Publication of the Guide was initially made possible by financial contributions from the Margaret Laurence Fund, the Law Foundation of Ontario, and the Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation. Donations from individual supporters have enabled EBI to maintain and update the on-line edition of the Guide. EBI is also grateful for the continued support of the Energy Probe Research Foundation.

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