Citizens Guide to Environmental Investigation and Private Prosecution

Appendix B: Lists of Toxic Substances

The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI), created under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, makes information available to the Canadian public about pollutants released into the environment.  For 2011, 346 substances or substance groups, grouped into five different parts, were listed in the NPRI.

In addition to all of the substances in the NPRI, Ontario considers acetone a toxic substance.  In 2009, Ontario also identified 19 Substances of Concern that were not tracked by the NPRI.

Under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, the federal government maintains a List of Toxic Substances – Schedule 1.  The list was updated in December 2011.  The electronic list includes links to detailed descriptions of each substance.

CEPA also requires the ministers of health and environment to develop a Priority Substances List – a list of substances that should be assessed to determine if they are toxic.

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