Field Notes

News – Technoparc notes

Read field notes written by EBI investigators at this Montreal site.

EBI continues to monitor Technoparc site
On July 21 EBI visited the Technoparc site near Montreal to check on Environment Canada’s progress and to follow up on the expert report that was written by EBI in April, 2002.   Field notes   July 21/2002

Field Notes, April 19, 2002
“I couldn’t imagine this being a toxic waste dump – but when I saw the slick extending beyond the useless booms…I went cold. I was watching the poisoning of the River I love more than anywhere else on earth.”  Field notes   April 19/2002

Field notes, Feb 20, 2002
EBI investigator and Biologist Dave Dillenbeck visit the Technoparc site for a closer look  February 20/2002

Field notes, Jan 18-21 2002
EBI returns to the Technoparc site for a new set of samples  January 21/2002

Field notes, Nov 21, 2000
Mark Mattson takes notes as he investigates the Technoparc site.  November 21/2000

Field notes, October 25, 2000
EBI takes samples from the Technoparc site in Montreal.  October 26/2000

Field notes, October 3, 2000
EBI visits the Technoparc site for the first time  October 3/2000