Field notes, Nov 21, 2000

November 21/2000

Field notes, Nov 21, 2000
by Mark Mattson & Eric Mattson

November 21, 2000

  • at 2:00 p.m. attend at Montreal Technoparc below the Victoria Bridge.
  • with Diane, Hank, Larry, Daniel Green, Natalie and Marianne.
  • at site again noticed the oily sheen both within the booms and outside the booms.
  • Eric, Daniel and Eric all took notes and observations of the oily sheen.
  • the site was partially covered by snow. The foreshore was balckened by staining. Eric took photos and video.
  • the temp. was about 0 degrees. The day was overcast.
  • took 4 – I litre amber jars
  • first 2 bottles – sampled outside the boom where it appeared oily sheen was escaping.Bottles sampled by dipping clean jar into river and filling jars.

    Marked – T-1 o/s boom, Nov. 21, 00, MOM, EBI 2:00 p.m.

    second sample site – at the same place (approx) as before called T-1.

    Again, sampled with the dipping jar. Filled 2jars marked MOM, EBI, T-1,

    Nov. 21, 00,2:00 p.m. Eric Mattson


  • placed all jars in locked car – in cooler.

Note: a technical investigator from Environment Quebec Jean – Michel showed up. Told him about samples. Talked to him about area and the discharge and how it was leaving the boom area. He went picked up camera and took pictures.

Note: also told me about head engineer Yves Valiquete.

Eric, Nat took pictures and video of the seep and further East of T- 1. Note: the odour was not as strong today as at the last 2 occasions.

Left Montreal @ 5:00 p.m.