Field notes, October 25, 2000

October 26/2000

Field notes, October 25, 2000
by Mark Mattson

October 26/00

– drove to Montreal with Doug Chapman and Eric from Ottawa. At 11:00 a.m. met Daniel Green and also Marianne. Marianne had a camera and DVD recorder which we bought a cassette for. Eric had disposable camera. Had brought sampling jars from Xenon but also picked up sediment jars from Daniel.

– went to Technoparc site -same as last time. When arrived, the smell was very strong of odour. Also, the shoreline was obviously stained black and one could visibly see discharge of black substance into river. At close range the smell of petroleum was overwhelming. Walked the shore and observed black staining and black discharges from shoreline both within the floating boom and outside of it – downstream.

– took a new jar and used it to collect water from the river. Filled 4 1 litre brown jars. Marked them Oct. 26,00 T-1, EBI, MM at 1 p.m.

– the weather was clear, hazy and warm – 20C.

Also, filled – 1 sediment jar (below waterline) and 1 soil jar (above water line) at the same location where I filled the bottles – marked the same.

Also, filled 1 white plastic jar for TOC’s (etc) with preservative from XENON. Marked same.

Also, filled 3 small white vials from XENON for VOC’s. Marked the same.

Went up to area downstream from boom area and took a soil sample, just above water line. Marked it T-1-d, EBI, oct 26,00, mm.

During sampling, I had Eric take pictures and Marianne take DVD of the area. Also, had them take notes of activity.

Placed all samples in plastic bags and in cooler with ice pack, and locked in car.

Note: did not rinse out sample jars – as sampling for PCB’s -did not want to contaminate jars for each sample.

The gloves used for sampling were covered with black oil and stained after being submerged in the St. Lawrence River. Also, drops of water that splashed on pants or shoes stained cloths.

The area was obviously continuously discharging and the boom system was totally ineffective – as the contaminant was seeping through and into the river – which was obvious from the colours of water – leaking into the main flow of the St. Lawrence.

-finished about 2:00 p.m. Noted ducks on river on way out. Traveled to Kingston that afternoon. Placed samples inside the truck for evening, with ice pack for keeping them cool.

Went to Toronto and Xenon in morning.