Field notes, October 3, 2000

Field notes, October 3, 2000
by Mark Mattson

Montreal Notes:

Temp: 25 C

Arrived at 5:30

– met with Daniel Green and went to site – south of the Victoria bridge. Daniel gave me maps and some background information on the site – primarily from 1997 when Daniel did some sampling.

– when arrived – the site had a step down to water. The odour was immediately overcoming. Almost noxious. The River was fast moving, with rapids and a number of floating booms were on the water – containing or rather trying to contain what appeared to be a large oily sheen. The sheen was clearly seeping under the booms as well and being carried down the River.

– the sheen of oil was at places dark – at other places rainbow in colour. The rocks on the shore were visibly stained black. The oily sheen seemed to be discharging from the shore, as though it were melting off the rocks and shoreline.

– Eric took photos of the site, with portable camera.

I saked Daniel and his helper Nat to help with sampling. They had a bottle on a stick that we could dip in water and take sample of water and sample of water from shoreline in couple inches of water. This area was contained by the boom, which appeared to protect area from faster water, but slowly allow water to seep out into river.

– we called the area about 50 ft NE of the steps down – T-1 and we took 2 1 litre amber jars -obtained from XENON – of the river water. The jars and the beaker used to collect the water and the jar used at the end of the stick – were all rinsed three times – before sampling.

– after the jars were filled – they were sealed with tape and marked MOM, EBI, Oct 3, 00 , T-1.

– the beaker and jars used to dip in the river were stained black from coming into contact with the river. Again, the odour was very strong.

– the samples were placed in the cooler, in the car and kept there until back in Kingston. Taken to Xenon – Oct 5, 00 Thursday morning. Arrived at Xenon at 1:30 p.m.