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Moncton, New Brunswick

 Court upholds pollution convictions
A Moncton judge has upheld the pollution convictions of the Fredericton-based engineering consulting firm Gemtec.   Moncton Times & Transcript    July 13/2007

Landfill clean-up too slow: Riverkeeper
Three and a half years after the City of Moncton received a court order to divert Jonathan Creek to reduce the impact of leachate from the former landfill sites, remediation work is still months away.   Moncton Times & Transcript    April 19/2007

River pollution costs firm $25,000
Judge fines Gemtec for charges stemming from clean-up of dump on banks of Petitcodiac River.   Moncton Times & Transcript    June 28/2006

Sentencing in landmark environmental law case
The Gemtec Ltd. conviction demonstrates that consultants who fail to incorporate environmental compliance into their advice to clients can and may be held accountable for their role in any resultant environmental offence.   Environment Canada  June 23/2006

Environmental consultant convicted after undertaking landfill closure
A recent decision of the New Brunswick Provincial Court highlights the potential liability of environmental consultants for pollution beyond their control.  McLennan Ross Legal Counsel   June 19/2006

Engineering firm guilty of polluting river
Guilty verdict for Fredericton engineering firm sends signal that “no one is above the law and that engineering firms are responsible when they give advice to clients, whether they’re private businesses or municipal governments.”
Moncton Times & Transcript  April 27/2006

Gemtec found guilty of polluting river
The company hired to close Moncton’s city dump in the 1990s has been found guilty of violating the federal Fisheries Act.  CBC News  April 26/2006

Pollution trial hears final arguments
Final arguments were made today in the trial of Gemtec and its chief engineer Robert G. Lutes, who face accusations they violated the Fisheries Act.
Times & Transcript   February 10/2006

Pollution charge doesn’t stick to Gemtec
Off on a technicality: the judge presiding over the case of an engineering consulting firm accused of polluting Moncton’s Jonathan Creek has thrown the charge out of court.
CBC News  January 5/2004

Moncton dump trial adjourned indefinitely
The trial of a New Brunswick consulting firm and its chief engineer on charges of polluting the Petitcodiac River has been adjourned indefinitely pending a decision on a defence motion to dismiss the charges.   Moncton Times & Transcript    October 9/2003

Defence wants dump trial dumped
Provincial court Judge Yvette Finn will decide this morning whether there is still a trial going on for a New Brunswick consulting firm and its chief engineer, charged with polluting the Petitcodiac River.  Moncton Times and Transcript   October 6/2003

Witness found ‘leachate seeps’ at dump
One of the themes of the case is the fact that the City of Moncton hired Gemtec to devise a closure plan for the dump. Gemtec developed two solutions, one costing $2.3 million and the other $13.2 million.   Moncton Times and Transcript    October 6/2003

Consultant says river seeped into garbage
An environmental consultant says a Fredericton engineering firm charged with polluting the Petitcodiac River could have done a better job of sealing the old Moncton city dump.   CBC online    October 3/2003

Dump runoff killed fish: lawyer
Petitcodiac Riverkeeper executive director Daniel Leblanc says this trial will lead other consulting firms to rethink how they operate.   CBC News   October 2/2003

Dump ruling pleases minister
“We don’t want to have different laws and different applications for different people,” says Environment Minister David Anderson.
Moncton Times & Transcript   September 27/2003

Green groups applaud pollution fine
Environmental groups across the country are applauding a New Brunswick court for fining the City of Moncton $35,000 for polluting the Petitcodiac River.
CBC   September 23/2003

Moncton ordered to fix landfill that leaks poisons
A complaint by a local environmental group has resulted in the city of Moncton being fined $35,000 and ordered to spend up to $700,000 to improve an abandoned dump that discharged poisons into the Petitcodiac River.  The Globe and Mail   September 23/2003

Moncton pleads guilty in dump case
Judge imposes fines, levies totalling $35,000, and orders ‘remediation plan’ to stop the flow of dump effluent into Petitcodiac River, estimated to cost $500,000 to $700,000.  Times & Transcript   September 23/2003

City of Moncton pleads guilty in landfill case
The municipality of the City of Moncton has pleaded guilty to federal environmental charges related to a decommissioned landfill.  Environment Canada  September 22/2003

N.B. city facing pollution charges will stand trial in the fall
The City of Moncton will stand trial this fall on pollution charges under the federal Fisheries Act.  CP Wire  January 14/2003

City of Moncton, consultant plead not guilty to polluting river
The City of Moncton and a consultant have pleaded not guilty to charges of polluting the Petitcodiac River.  Moncton Times and Transcript   December 17/2002

Saving river ‘too controversial’ for students
Educational materials donated by environmental group Petitcodiac Riverkeeper enthusiastically accepted by French school board, but deemed ‘inappropriate’ by administration for District 2 English schools.
Moncton Times and Transcript   September 20/2002

Petitcodiac: Gemtec et Moncton obtiennent un ajournement
Pour la troisième fois depuis le mois de mars dernier, la Cour provinciale a ajourné, hier matin, la cause portant sur un déversement dans la rivière Petitcodiac de lixiviat en provenance d’un ancien lieu d’enfouissement de Moncton.
L’Acadie Nouvelle   September 13/2002

Pollution case adjourned again
“This matter has been before the courts since April and we still haven’t heard a plea,” said the judge. “In December it will have to be extraordinary circumstances for the court not to hear a plea, I’ll tell you that.”   Moncton Times and Transcript   September 13/2002

Petitcodiac River case delayed again
The judge expressed concern because the case has been before the courts since April and no plea has been entered. The parties will be back in court Dec. 16 to enter their plea.  CBC   September 12/2002

Petitcodiac council rejects maintaining river status quo
Town petitions environmental assessment group to take action.
Moncton Times and Transcript   June 18/2002

Niles declines part in new river assessment
Scheduling conflicts make it impossible for Eugene Niles to play a role in new study of Petitcodiac River   The Moncton Times and Transcript   April 11/2002

Have politics been removed from river study?
A Page One article in the Times & Transcript of April 3 reports an interview with the Hon. Claudette Bradshaw, MP for Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview.
The Moncton Times and Transcript   April 9/2002

City faces Fisheries Act charges
The City of Moncton’s lawyers will appear in court at 9:30 a.m. today to respond to charges the city violated the federal Fisheries Act.
The Moncton Times and Transcript   April 3/2002

Get river study started, Bradshaw says
Get river study started, Bradshaw says; MP urges province to get going on environmental impact study of Petitcodiac River   The Moncton Times and Transcript   April 3/2002

River study behind schedule, but ‘progressing’
River study behind schedule, but ‘progressing’; Completion date for environmental assessment of Petitcodiac River and recommendations on future of causeway now likely Spring 2005   The Moncton Times and Transcript   March 26/2002

Little data available on state of Petitcodiac
“Scientists lack even basic river information to determine best technique for environmental assessment.”   Moncton Times and Transcript   March 6/2002

‘First step’ in river study behind schedule
“Timelines for environmental assessment of Petitcodiac River, laid out in 2001, said workshop planned for this weekend should be completed by now, a facilitator named and public consultation under way.”   Moncton Times and Transcript   February 28/2002

City of Moncton, officials charged over toxic landfill leachate discharge
Eco/Log Week   February 19/2002

Province applies to Ottawa for bridge project approval
“Protection of the environment and protection of the public right of navigation must be secured under Navigable Waters Protection Act.”   Moncton Times and Transcript   February 14/2002

Moncton charged with violating Fisheries Act
“The city is accused of unlawfully depositing a harmful substance into water inhabited by fish. The charge relates to a former city landfill located on the banks of the Petitcodiac River.”  New Brunswick Telegraph Journal   February 8/2002

Moncton polluted river
“Environment Canada lays charges against city, city engineer and consulting firm under federal Fisheries Act, saying leachate from old landfill site contaminated Petitcodiac River.”  Moncton Times and Transcript   February 8/2002

“Moncton Mayor Brian Murphy says he doesn’t believe the city has done anything wrong. He says it’s a concern for the image of the city.”   Canada Press   February 8/2002

City of Moncton & three others charged in connection with decommissioned landfill site Environment Canada lays charges following joint investigation by EBI and the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper.  Environment Canada  News Release   February 7/2002

Keeping hope alive
“We must take optimism from the unfailing doggedness of those whose voices remain strong and committed to cleaning up this mess.” EBI assisted with the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper’s investigation of a leaking landfill.
Moncton Times and Transcript   November 15/2001

Dump papers seized
“Environment Canada agents confiscate documents related to closure of old dump near Petitcodiac River.” Government action is prompted by a joint Riverkeeper/EBI investigation.  Moncton Times and Transcript   November 10/2001

Province in no hurry to break silt blockage in choked river
“Cabinet ministers, Moncton MLAs preach patience in river study.”
Moncton Times and Transcript   October 5/2001

Silt raises flood risks
“Petitcodiac Riverkeeper vows court action to open causeway.”
Moncton Times and Transcript   September 27/2001

Sewage pools in river
Odours most familiar when driving through the country have been greeting business people on their stroll to work in downtown Moncton this week
The Moncton Times and Transcript   September 26/2001

Petitcodiac silt woes getting worse
“River almost completely clogged in some places.” Article quotes Daniel LeBlanc.   Moncton Times and Transcript   September 15/2001

River review mired in delay
“N.B. minister can’t get commitment for Petitcodiac EIA from Ottawa,” and Petitcodiac Riverkeeper Daniel LeBlanc says this may force the Riverkeeper organization to launch its lawsuit.   Moncton Times and Transcript   July 2/2001

Causeway gates to open for fish migration periods
“Gate management plan an interim measure in anticipation of environmental impact study.”  Moncton Times and Transcript   April 20/2001

Leaky landfill probe goes on
“Environment Department investigates whether old dumpsite is polluting Petitcodiac River.” Complaints by the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper, with the assistance of EBI, draw attention to the leaky landfill.  Moncton Times and Transcript   March 12/2001

Pressure mounts for river study
“Pressure is mounting to begin an environmental-impact assessment of the idea of replacing part of the Petitcodiac River causeway with a bridge.”
Moncton Times and Transcript   March 9/2001

Waste no time with river study
“With the federal government announcement that it has accepted the report by Eugene Niles into what to do about the Petitcodiac River, it is now time to get on with the job — swiftly and decisively.”  Moncton Times and Transcript   March 9/2001

Causeway to be assessed
“More than 30 years after the Petitcodiac River causeway blocked the flow of the river, a full environmental assessment will be done.”  Fredericton Daily Gleaner   March 8/2001

Petitcodiac River issue fractures council
“Taking a stand on controversial river issue should make for a heated council session.”  Moncton Times and Transcript   March 5/2001

Moncton’s old landfill site under investigation
“Probe to determine if leachate is harming Petitcodiac River.” Article quotes Mark Mattson on the Moncton investigation.   Moncton Times and Transcript   February 22/2001