May 3, 2002


EBI applauds feds for investigating Technoparc toxins
by EBI

May 3, 2002

Marie-France Bérard Regional Director, Environmental Protection Branch
Environment Canada 105 McGill St. 4th Floor, Montreal QC H2Y 2E7

Faxed: 514.496.2087

Dear Director,

I am now in receipt of your letter dated April 22, 2002concerning Environment Canada’s Fisheries Act investigation into the Technoparc case.

EBI investigators are available to discuss the case or to review notes, pictures, sample results, etc. at any time. Full disclosure of all of EBI’s evidence, including video footage, can also be made available to you at any time.

Also, please note that the pump at the Technoparc site was not running during any of our visits to the site. Further, a city official refers to “a few cups of PCBs” in an article appearing in the Montreal Gazetteon Saturday. As you will note by our evidence, the quantities of PCBs being discharged into the St. Lawrence river twenty-four hours day, seven days a week are significantly greater than “a few cups”.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at any time. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours truly,

Mark Mattson Executive Director

Cc: Raymond Vezeau