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The cost of whistleblowing
Some people don’t like to hear the kinds of things Hilson is saying. Many of his allegations sting with their accuracy and boldness.  View Magazine   January 15/2004

Dump chemicals diverted from creek
Chemicals seeping toward Red Hill Creek from the old Rennie Street landfill are now being intercepted and pumped into storage tanks.  Eric McGuinness   January 23/2003

City cutting trees on Red Hill banks
The Rennie St. landfill makes it back into the news as controversial redevelopment begins. “The tops [of some trees] have to go to stop migratory birds from nesting when construction starts in the spring,” says one city official.   Hamilton Spectator   January 16/2002

Clear-cut confusion
“Coffee talk or covert op? Council uses fancy footwork to nimbly dodge protests, criticism of Red Hill project.” Article quotes Mike Hilson of Energy Probe and EBI. 
Terry Ott   August 30/2001

Tainted landfills may leak 100 years
An update on the Rennie Street dump, the leaking landfill site at the centre of one of the Environmental Bureau of Investigation’s most recent cases.  
The Hamilton Spectator   January 22/2001

Ministry has no staff to monitor tainted snow
“MPP blasts downsizing in ecological enforcement.” Article quotes Lynda Lukasik — a partner of EBI and an informant in the case against the City of Hamilton — regarding contamination from an old landfill near Red Hill Creek.  
The Hamilton Spectator   January 19/2001

Environmentalist wins private prosecution against Canadian municipality
“Ontario resident, Lynda Lukasik, has succeeded in prosecuting the City of Hamilton for violating the Federal Fisheries Act.”  Edie news service   September 22/2000

Hamilton whacked with $450,000 fine for pollution
Reactions from all sides after the City of Hamilton pleads guilty. 
Toronto Star   September 19/2000

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