THE STERLING COMMUNITY PRESS, Friday, October 29, 1999

Delays over as trial date is set in Ottawa for Deloro case
Louise Livingstone

Hastings Cty. – The Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MoE) was arraigned in court, October 4, on charges relating to the pollution of the Moira River with arsenic and heavy metals and to allowing radioactive waste in the Village of Deloro. The MoE made a plea of not guilty arguing the ministry has shown due diligence (in its handling of the Deloro Mine site).The trial is now being held in Ottawa, rather than Belleville, because of the complexity of the case. The provincial judge in charge of the case is Judge Celine Dorval. The whole court planned a site visit to Deloro on Monday, October 24.

The MoE tried to bring forward a motion to delay the trial yet further, saying experts had only recently been asked to become involved and have not had enough time. In response Judge Dorval said, “I find it quite surprising and somewhat deleterious for the defence not to have made contact before ” She denied the motion and the prosecution, on behalf of the Attorney General, will present evidence November 29.