The Stirling Community Press Oct 22, 1999

Deloro Fence Comes With a Big Price Tag
by Lewis Zandbergen

Stirling-Rawdon Twp. – The Deloro mine toxic site issue surfaced at the regular meeting of Stirling-Rawdon Township Council on Monday, October 18. Before council were the minutes of the Moira River Conservation Authority (MRCA).

In his presentation to the MRCA Terry Murphy reported that the entire Deloro mine site is being fenced in at a cost of $500,000half a million! However, there was concern about the impact the fence would have on local wildlife.

Deputy-mayor Peter Kooistra wasted little time in expressing his opinion which also seemed to be the consensus of council. “This thing has been studied to death and I have a real problem with a $500,000 fence. Instead of addressing the problem they spend millions studying it to death.”

Although the minutes of the MRCA meeting do not mention a proposal to reroute the river around the site, council did bring it up. The enormous cost of such an undertaking (the study alone will likely cost millions) was cause for the councillors to express further outrage. The deputy-mayor put forth a motion to have the municipality’s representative on the board of directors of Quinte Conservation, Brenda Perrault, look into the matter. Councillor Dale Grant seconded the motion.