CKWS-TV News August 24/2001

The EBI issues a warning tonight to anyone living near the Moira River

The E-B-I says arsenic levels in the Moira are the highest in decades.
According to a report the agency just released, arsenic, cobalt, and nickel leaking from the former Deloro Mine Site exceed acceptable levels.
Environmental activist Janet Fletcher says the problem just got worse when it stopped raining.

Janet Fletcher: It can get pretty toxic, especially in situations like this summer where we have low water levels because of this drought. Well, the Ministry has always had the philosophy, “dilution is the solution to pollution.” In this case that’s the remedy they’re using, they’re hoping the Moira River will continue to have a high level of water so they can dilute this down to a less toxic level, but this summer that’s not happening.
More information can be obtained by logging onto the Environmental Bureau of Investigation’s website.