Environmental Registry August 19/2008

Deloro Mine Site Cleanup Project
by Government of Ontario, Ministry of Environment

EBR Registry Number: PA04E0044 Ministry: Ministry of the Environment Date Decision loaded to the Registry: August 14, 2008 Date Proposal loaded to the Registry: November 26, 2004
This notice has been updated to recalculate the comment period so that it is in line with other public consultation initiatives.

Please see the Ministry of the Environment’s Deloro Mine Site Cleanup Project internet pagefor further details.

Decision on Policy:

The Deloro Mine Site Cleanup Project is a multimillion dollar initiative to clean up the abandoned mining, refining and manufacturing site at Deloro, Ontario. The project is designed to isolate and contain the complex blend of contamination at the site to make it safe and secure for people and the environment for hundreds of years.

In 2004 and 2005 the ministry offered public consultation on the draft cleanup plan. The consultation included posting a Policy Proposal Notice on the Environmental Bill of Rights(EBR) Registry. The details of the consultation process and the comments are outlined below.

Following posting of the Policy Proposal Notice for the Deloro Mine Site Cleanup plan and consideration of all comments received, the Ministry of the Environment will proceed with the final cleanup once all the licenses, approvals and permits have been obtained.

Comments Received on the Policy Proposal

The ministry conducted a broad consultation on the proposal with Deloro residents, downstream residents, local municipalities, environmental groups, and anyone with an interest in the project. On November 12, 2004, at a presentation at the Village of Deloro Community Centre, the start of public consultation on the draft cleanup plan for the Deloro Mine Site Cleanup Project was announced.

The ministry and its consultants presented the cleanup plan to a joint meeting of the Board of Quinte Conservation, and local municipal representatives on November 16, 2004.

Public information sessions were held the afternoon and evening of November 23, 2004 at the Deloro Community Centre. A total of 23 people attended the public information sessions. The ministry recorded comments and questions from participants attending the public information sessions.

On November 26, 2004, a Policy Proposal Notice (EBR number PA04E0044) was posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry for comment.

Information packages were hand-delivered to the residents of the Village of Deloro, and mailed directly to more than 1,000 people in the Moira River watershed between Deloro and Tweed. Information packages were also mailed to a number of environmental non-governmental organizations.

All materials including the full technical report for the final cleanup plan have been posted on the Deloro webpage.

The technical reports used in the development of the draft cleanup plan, were available for viewing at ministry offices in Kingston, Belleville and Peterborough; the Deloro Village Library; the Municipality of Marmora and Lake; the Municipality of Centre Hastings; Quinte Conservation; the ministry’s Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch (Approvals, Public Record File and Environmental Clean-up Fund), Toronto; the Ontario Clean Water Agency, Deloro; the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, Sudbury; and the Ontario Legislative Library, Toronto.

The document, entitled ‘Phase 2 Public Consultation-Summary of Comments’, which is attached to this decision, provides a record of input received during the consultation period. This document outlines how comments were considered by the ministry and its consultants. To facilitate public comment, the ministry provided a comment sheet with questions grouped under a number of categories. ‘Phase 2 Public Consultation-Summary of Comments’ uses those categories to report feedback. Both written and verbal comments are documented. With the exception of feedback from organizations, the ministry has protected the anonymity of respondents.

Based on the proposed Deloro Mine Site Cleanup plan, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) determined that the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) was required by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Actto undertake a federal Environmental Assessment (EA) for the site. This federal EA process was necessary before the CNSC could provide the MOE with authorization to conduct remedial work at the Deloro Mine Site.

The MOE submitted its Environmental Assessment Study Report for the site to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in June 2007. This report was subject to a multi-agency review and comments were received back by the MOE in late fall 2007. Now that this phase of agency review is underway and the scope and breadth of federal EA comments are understood, the MOE is posting this decision on the EBR Registry.

Comment(s) Received on the Proposal: 15

Public Consultation on the proposal for this decision was provided for 47 Days, from November 26, 2004 to January 12, 2005.

As a result of public consultation on the proposal, the Ministry received a total of 15 comments: 15 comments were received in writing and 0 were received online.

Additionally, a copy of all comments are available for public viewing by contacting the Contact person listed in this notice.

Effect(s) of Consultation on this Decision:

Within the body of written and verbal comments, there were none to suggest the need for a substantive change in the proposed cleanup strategy. Many comments and questions could be addressed through a more detailed explanation about the cleanup plan. Some comments were particularly useful in drawing the ministry’s attention to key concerns of residents, local municipalities and others. The ministry has addressed those comments by enhancing certain features of the cleanup plan.

A summary of public consultation comments can be viewed by referring to the ‘Phase 2 Public Consultation – Summary of Comments’ link.


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Additional Information:

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