Letter August 21/2001

EBI forwards water quality data to MOE
by Tom Adams

August 21, 2001

Mr. Jim Ritter by fax: 613-548-6908

Mr. Ken Jull by fax: 416-593-7760

Dear Mr. Ritter and Mr. Jull,

Thank you for your letter of August 17th containing the recent MOE grab sample data.

Attached is our data received earlier today. The data and notes on the collection of the samples are posted to our web site at http://www.e-b-i.net. One area of the notes that is not properly identified is the locations for the samples. The MR7 sample site is below the Moira bridge on the west downstream side. The YC7 sample is from the north side of the Young’s Creek culvert. The YC7a sample is from about 60 feet east of the culvert on the north side. Our site will include this clarification soon.

Regarding your request for contacts in the community, after consideration we think that the best method of systematically reaching the community is through Mr. Cunningham (ph: 416-703-5400) who is working directly with members of the community. I have provided Mr. Cunningham with a copy of this letter and your August 20th letter.

We also suggests that better signage, particularly around Young’s Creek, might be in order. Our data suggests that an acute lethal dose of arsenic for a child would be contained in only a few liters of Young’s Creek water.


Tom Adams

cc. D. Cunningham