The Facts


Accused: The Corporation of the City of Kingston
Offence Dates: December 5, 8, 14, 17, 1996
Place of Offence: Belle Park Golf Course, Montreal Street Kingston, Ontario
Offence: Fisheries Act, Section 36(3) – Depositing a deleterious substance into water frequented by fish
Receiving water: The Great Cataraqui River
Type of Pollution: Toxic leachate containing benezene, cholorobenzene, heavy metals and ammonia.  Test fish have died in only one hour of a 96-hour government approved test for toxicity.
Circumstances: A 1994 Scientific study informed the City of Kingston that there was probably a toxic leachate flowing from the park, which is a closed landfill site.
This study even pointed out on a map the exact location of one of the likely discharge points. Evidence was gathered at this site to lay the charge. The City has taken no concrete steps to stop the pollution.
The Informant:
Janet Fletcher, a local environmentalist, on behalf of the Storrington Committee Against Trash (SCAT)