Witness Statement


Excerpts from expert witness scientific statement David Dillenbeck, former Regional Biologist with the Ministry of Environment & Energy, and member of EBI Advisory Panel, assisted in the collection of evidence and his report includes the following:

From his observation, he estimated the total amount of leachate leaving the entire site on a daily basis as follows:

“this is a total estimated discharge of 216 litres per minute or 311,040 litres a day. This volume is equal to 68,420 Imperial Gallons per day or almost 20 average-sized tank trucks discharging to the Cataraqui River.”

Referring to the toxic discharge his report states:

“These results indicate quite dramatically and conclusively that the discharge from the location referred to as SW-5 (the discharge point where the evidence was gathered), is extremely toxic to Rainbow trout, and by implication, to all biota in the Cataraqui River in the vicinity of the discharge.”

Mr. Dillenbeck’s conclusions are as follows:

“In conclusion, it is my opinion that the discharge from the location referred to as SW-5, from the Belle Island Waste Disposal Site to the Cataraqui River, is toxic to aquatic biota. Considering that this toxic discharge has been ongoing for a number of years, it is also my opinion that a severe, localized deleterious impact on the fish, aquatic invertebrates and other aquatic life in the vicinity of the point of discharge has undoubtedly occurred.”